Natural Cooling Pad To Reduce Temperature Caused By Fever

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People use a wet cotton strip to reduce temperature caused by fever. They put the wet strip on the forehead and after the strip dries they again dip the strip in the water to wet it and continue do this method again and again. This method takes a lot of time, problem of changing strip after drying and doesn't work properly because wet strip doesn't stays constantly on the forehead. But this product will be a great solution to reduce the temperature caused by fever and will help to solve the problem of changing strips again and again.

In this product there will be a cotton strip and the thickness of this strip will be 5 to 8 mm. Two bandages will be attached with this strip . A 3 to 4 mm. diameter tube will be attached with this cotton strip. The second part of this tube will be attached with a Micro Water Pump and a Water Bag. The storage capacity of this water bag will be 2 to 3 litre. This micro pump will move with 3 to 6 volt batteries. There will be Timer Circuit and this circuit will work in this way that it will start the water pump only after every 5 minute.

When we will put the strip on the foreheat to reduce the temperature then the pump will pull the water from the water bag and this water will flow through the tube to wet the cotton strip equally. After pulling water the first time the circuit will start the pump again to pull the water every 5 minutes before the strip shouldn't be dry. In this way this product will work constantly to wet the cotton strip. There will be no problem of changing the strip again and again after drying.

This product is not available in the market. This product has a vast market potentiality and every home will have this product. I would like to insist on some following point:

(1)Everyone can use this product there is no side effect of this product. There is a cool gel available in the market but this gel could be harmful for skin and causes allergies, skin reaction and is not safe for children.
(2) This product will work naturally and will be a unique combination of natural treatment with technology.


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