According to eHealth, 550 million people have vision problems in India, 80% of whom could be treated if the problems can be identified at the early stage.

Slit lamp is a medical device which is used for the diagnosis the eye related problems like:
- Clouding of the lens (cataracts)
- Injury to the clear tissue (cornea) that covers the front of the eye
- Dry eye syndrome
- Loss of sharp vision due to macular degeneration
- Separation of the light-sensitive membrane (retina) in the back of the eye from its supporting layers (retinal detachment)
- Blockage in a small artery that carries blood to the retina (retinal vessel occlusion)
- Damage to the ...

Our company, IEMT, has patented technology for a portable and comparatively low cost medical imaging device that, for the first time, can be placed in the hands of first responders and professional practitioners.

IEMT's imaging device incorporates advances, previously untapped for such applications, as well as thoughtful and clever design. The result is a single, unified medical platform which can obtain detailed, full-body images on site, then transmit them quickly, accurately and at low cost to hospitals or other destinations without the disadvantages of more expensive medical imaging equipment.

This concept sets the stage for a line of medical imagers that can be offered to both undersold and unaddressed markets. Furthermore, this family of imagers will be positioned to compete with ...

Spinal cord injuries often affect leg mobility where recovery requires rather painful and awkward physiotherapy. A device that reduces the discomfort and promotes confidence during rehabilitation is most valuable considering the magnitude of such a trauma. The apparatus suspends the patient in a harness used by mountain climbers in order to provide a comfortable pre-load to the feet and legs. The patient's arms are used to stabilize any reactions caused by foot forces incident to the floor with adjustable arm rests The foot contact forces are controlled electrically by elevating the patient via the harness. The foot contact forces are measured and stored in the readout panel thus providing a therapy management tool in the time ...

The present invention achieves the delivery of selected oxygen percentages as chosen by the health care practitioner as required, governed by blood gas analyses and or oxygen data via pulse oximetry. In addition to the above an immovable ceiling for oxygen concentrations is achieved by the selected health care practitioner, such that any impediments in flow or volume exchanged by the user and or patient with the incoming and or exiting gases cannot be reflected back upon the jetted Venturi valve, as current devices do. Such known reflected flow and or volume which is known in physics and respiratory medicine as “Venturi stalling” is thus completely removed by the present invention, thus preventing inadvertent hyperoxia periods common to the ...

Consumers are looking for new ways and ideas to protect their families and minimize the risks they expose their kids to. They try to ensure their life styles are healthy and that products and services they use on a day to day basis are safe and do not include harmful substances.

Airbee is a concept of small robots system, which controls health condition of house inhabitants.

The research shows that human's body releases the scent which changes under the influence of diseases. This metod of examining has been known for centuries, and is present in Chins's medicine. Airbee analyzes the chemical composition of the exhaled air and  transmits the data to the app which processes it and visualize ...

Today’s vision of aquatic equipment is large, expensive, and generally accomplished by installing a permanent pool. Post operation and after injury, it is especially important to ensure that the patient becomes active as soon as possible. Normal land based exercises are often intolerable because of pain, excess weight, or fear of re-injury during these times which extends the patient’s healing time and can cause loss in memory of kinesthetic motions or partial disabilities to complicate the healing process. Meet the ARK, a self-contained aquatic fitness and rehabilitation system designed to do what its name suggests; to provide an environment where a person can be carried back safely into the arms of health. The system promotes well-being and health, to ...


Area(s) of expertise:
There is proposed information technology, software and results of researches of 2430 arterial oscillograms of 617 healthy individuals and patients, 56 simultaneously recorded ECGs and arterial oscillograms of healthy individuals, justifying the proposed solutions.

Arterial oscillograms are obtained using the monitoring of blood pressure and the frequency of heart rate, able to register the value of cuff pulse pressure, export information via external data exchange interface in PC (required in the mobile device an operating system supporting java applications) and developed by author's computer program, created for further analysis of obtained data (research was conducted on the blood pressure daily monitor VAT41-2 (produced by ...

NAME: Automatic Lifting Squatting Toilet

PROBLEM SOLVED: Hemorrhoids, hard stools, constipation
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Recent studies have shown that this position is associated with a number of health problems.

1. According to an Israeli study published in a journal called “Journal of Medical Sciences,” the squat while emptying your bowels is a main cause of diseases such as:
Intestinal inflammations
Colon cancer
Pelvic disease
Crohn’s disease

Scientists state:
“The frequency of intestinal diseases (hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammation of the appendix, polyps, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome) is similar among white men in South Africa and the peoples of the rich Western countries. In rural areas with style of traditional life, ...

Our product is Bio-Grid Pure Vapor Portable Room Robot for disinfection protocol. It is a fully automatic PLC controlled with touch screen HMI interface. The need is great as there were 1.5 million cases of HAI (hospital acquired infections) last year according to the CDC. The two stage disinfecting sequence consist of; the first stage a hydrogen peroxide fogging followed by the second stage an ultraviolet light array, eighteen 95 watt UV-C (germs killing light wave length) lamps. It deactivates micro-organisms and does not allow them to replicate. The Bio-Grid Pure Vapor robot can be wheeled into an operating room, procedure room or patient room. It could also be used at a surgical center or in laboratory clean rooms. ...

To this day amputees have often relied on hooks due to prosthetic hands being too easily damaged during work; however this design can change that. By modeling it directly after the bones, ligaments, and tendons in the human hand our design has become nearly indestructible under normal conditions. With this many amputees may finally regain the ability to work efficiently.

The robotic hand’s assembly is held together with cords running down the center of each bone, and cords on the outside of the joints to control movement. The rope then can be fed into any control system desired. The current design makes use of the open source Inmoov arm, though traditional prosthetics could be used. Also ...

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