Nanoparticle Biomarker Screening and Detection

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Ancon Medical has developed a non-evasive disruptive early stage screening and disease detection device that is “once in a generation technology” known as Nanoparticle Bio-marker Tagging (NBT). NBT will have a similar impact to market as MRI and X-Ray and will use breath screening and detection through VOC Bio-marker Identification. However, we can expand this with ease for screening of any disease that has volatile or semi volatile Bio-Marker signatures. Furthermore, our technology opens the doors for building a world comprehensive bio-marker library.

The NBT offers a revolutionary means of detecting trace chemicals in the air, at the level of single molecules (bio-markers) and is applying the same technology that already has a successful history and track record for other industries including homeland security, military detection, workplace environmental monitoring, and bio-hazards. Sensitivity is orders of magnitude superior to ALL existing state of the art technologies and is at ultimate physical sensitivity level.

This ground breaking NBT technology has been developed to enable real-time measurement of specific bio-markers allowing for early stage screening and future diagnosis of diseases including Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis, and a range of other cancers, and infectious diseases such are Ebola possible.

NBT works by selecting bio-markers of target substances from complex chemical backgrounds present in normal atmospheres (such as exhaled breath) and tagging them with specially generated proprietary Nano-objects. Tagged molecules are individually counted with laser counters. This is a uniquely novel approach to measuring the numbers of molecules or bio-marker present in a sample and is the basis of NBTs unprecedented sensitivity!

In developing the Healthcare business, Ancon Medical will focus first on applications with a recognized need which cannot be met through existing technologies. As the Company matures, opportunities will be pursued in numerous additional applications, including drug development and other life science applications.

The NBT screening and diagnosis systems will be in every clinic, hospital and public health setting providing real time early stage screening and diagnosis for cancers and other diseases. It will enable personalized treatments whose effectiveness can be monitored frequently. Early stage diagnosis and effective treatments will save lives, improve quality of life and reduce cost of long term care.

The ability to select specific target molecules and bio-markers and measure their concentration at unprecedentedly low levels means NBT has many potential applications, such as to help clinicians to screen and diagnose the very early stages of cancers and other diseases at point of care in real time. It allows Doctors to personalize treatments and patients to monitor their effectiveness frequently and inexpensively. It offers research capability to discover and build a large bio-marker library and helps towards new drug development acceleration and treatments monitoring.

Imagine visiting the Doctors and just breathing into a device and in 3 minutes having the results through a non-evasive method and being able to manage an illness daily through this method.


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