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The process by which a person takes in nutrition is a basic human need. It is the ability of the person to feed him/ her to fulfill this need. However, often the ability to feed oneself may be weakened due to factors such as physical disability, dexterity-challenged, age or the like. Such an individual require help from others to eat and often is frustrating to the individual as they do not have control over the meal. Alternatively, they are equipped with traditional fork, knife and spoon with assistance. However, it not easy to manually hold and use cutlery thereby restricting its usage.

Naturalware employs sensor technology with ergonomic features, module design, embedded sensors and material elements that are both comfortable and functional for the user. Naturalware represents a method and system to track and monitor a person’s dexterity during eating. The method includes fixing an appropriate cutlery to the appropriate base unit of an ergonomic kitchenware thereby activating the base unit. Further, the method includes using the base unit to naturally fit in a user’s hand to eat a meal normally. The method includes transmitting usage data of the base unit for cloud-based processing via Wi-Fi. Moreover, the method includes analyzing the usage data to provide custom analytics thereby tracking the user’s dexterity while eating.

To the inventor's knowledge, there are no similar units designed specifically to assist those with significant dexterity challenges eat while generating data within a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, context-aware system. Units will be produced in a dedicated manufacturer, combining cutting-edge sensor technology, bluetooth technology, and a unique, ergonomic shape in three (3) established sizes and materials and will focus on primarily the senior care market. Distribution will be both B2B (home health agencies, assisted living facilities, hospitals) and B2C (direct to seniors and others with significant dexterity challenges) and sales strategies will include a combination of dedicated sales force, partnership networks and E-commerce.



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