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The Medical Diagnostics and Drug Delivery Device is a device that aids anyone for point-of-care, diagnosis and treatment options. It utilizes integrated technologies for enhanced and advanced medical care. The Med.D.D.D.D. encapsulates a nano-medication delivery system, Automated Emergency Defibrillator device, computer system with microprocessors and graphics processors, cell phone/videophone capability, a flexible, touchable organic light-emitting diode screen, advanced communication access to medical professionals with emergency situation button, voice recognition software, lab-on-a-chip device, a wearable, dual layer, hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial/viral/fungal sleeve, wireless monitoring connections to other devices in the body such as insulin pump and pacemaker, back-up software and battery, therrmal/kinetic/motion-based energy supply delivery system and life-systems monitoring display.

The MeD.D.D.D. is a wearable device for the patient who needs, or desires, round-the-clock life systems monitoring, nano-medication delivery, and other medical device monitoring. It is an integrated “system” that enables medical professional appointments or urgent calls at the click of a button, to be conducted on the flexible OLED screen, so that a patient can literally speak face-to-face with a medical professional. The screen also serves as a control point for the device, in which the user or a qualified professional can enter a security code, or username and password that will allow changes to be made and set for the device.

Life systems monitoring keeps track of heart rate, oxygen intake, blood pressure, hydration, lungs/CO2, heart monitoring (sino-atrial, atrial ventral/EKG), artificial organ monitoring, medical device/implant checks, neural device detection/monitoring.

The medication administration site delivers medications through mini-cartridges with nano-needles that are painless, automatically, at any time of day or night, pre-programmed with medication delivery software. This completely eliminates the need for pills/capsules and fumbling with medication bottles/pill boxes. Taking insulin, heart medication and anything else is taken care of with pre-loaded nano-cartridges from the pharmacy, tailored precisely for the patient.

The hard drive contains information and software for medication delivery, patient monitoring, communication services, adjustment of medication doses, self-device monitoring and scanning to ensure optimal performance. The hard drive also contains confidential patient information such as medical records, upcoming/previous appointments, and other pertinent information. There is also a back-up lithium-ion battery for the whole device.

In case of emergency, an ambulance can be called with the emergency only button. Voice-recognition software allows the individual to call emergency services via voice as well. All life-systems monitoring and med delivery actions/processes can be accessed by a medical professional during the face-to-face appointment, which saves time from visiting the doctor in non-emergency, non-urgent situations. Any cell phone attaches directly to the Med. D.D.D.D., but must first be loaded with all the necessary software for patient monitoring and medication delivery system.

This device can be paid for via insurance and Medicare, once approved.


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