Universal Service Bed

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The Problem:
1. Patient bed care (for the temporary or permanently bedridden) is a significant problem in Health Care and the Home Care Industry. Tasks that require positional changes often put both the patient and caregiver at risk of pain and injury.
2. High cost of care for the bedridden.
3. Shortage of nursing personnel worldwide.

The Benefits:
In response to the above mentioned problems, Acculine Int. has spent years developing and producing a full-sized working prototype of a novel patented bed, which provides significantly advanced healthcare with sizable cost savings. This drastically reduces time and effort required to handle patients, thus preserving their dignity, rendering them healthier and more independent.

The Novelty of the USB:
The Universal Service Bed (USB) allows medical personnel and caregivers to provide medical and hygienic services to bedridden persons with minimum physical effort. No moving, lifting or disturbing required.

USB consists of a roller conveyor with an attached moveable stage capable of opening and creating a gap from 0-12 inches. The mattress loops over the stage and firmly connects at the head and foot of the bed. The detailed design description is in US Patent # 6,594,837.

Currently we don’t know of any comparable equipment, available on the market that is capable of performing the functions of USB.

The current USB is the first design and the future platform for a line of similar products – different capacities, sizes, specialty units, etc.

When mass produced, manufacturing cost would be close to the cost of currently existing specialty beds.
The features and advantages of the bed:
- The linen can be changed without disturbing, lifting, or turning the patient.
- Showering and bathing without moving the patient
- Providing a zero-pressure area in the mattress and allow free access to the under body of the patient on any given points from head to toe.
- A conveniently shaped toilet and bidet in the bed as an alternative
to bedpans - without turning or moving the patient.
- Allows gentle programmable massage.
- Allows convenient censor placement for vital science and Data Transfer System.

More Benefits:
- Cost reduction of services (institutions/private homes)
- Comfort and patient dignity
- Minimizes work related injuries and their legal ramifications.
- Ease of implementation of the advanced technology in Tele Medicine and gathering vital sign data
- Eliminates a physically challenging jobs, currently performed by healthcare personnel or caregiver.
- Minimizes spread of infection while performing hygiene and medical procedures.
- Minimizes spread of infection by negating contact between personnel and soiled linens, human waste, etc.

The simplicity of operation, numerous benefits and unique features of the USB are generating positive responses from hospitals and private users.
Acculine is collecting Letters of Intent to purchase USB when the product is available.

Fig. 1: Full-sized working prototype (home version USB) and animation of the hospital version USB.

For better understanding of the USB concept please see the video on YouTube Contact Acculine International Co.: Tel: 510 599-0141.



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    What Initiated Development?
    A severe stroke left pediatrician Dr. Elizaveta Khait
    suddenly bedridden.
    As George Khait cared for his mother he saw all the problems and indignities that bedridden patients must endure.
    This tragedy inspired him to help his mom
    and all bedridden people by engineering and building the USB.
    Through sophisticated yet simple technology the USB solves
    numerous problems that inevitably exist in the Health Care Industry today.
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