Digital Dentistry Space

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Time and cost saving dentures design and manufacturing cloud system. As a part of treatment, patient's jaw impression is being digitalized and uploaded to DDS cloud, where it is encrypted and could be used in DDS cloud CAD for denture design. After modeling, being shown to patient and approved, product is sent to local milling center, where it is manufactured and sent back to doctor and installed into patient's mouth.

Advantages to Doctors:
- Lower cost of production
- Faster service
- Broader range of treatment options
- Greater patient acceptance

Advantages to Dental Technicians:
- Lower software cost
- Reducing time to produce
- Better precision

Advantages to Patients:
- Faster treatment
- Denture replacement anywhere

There is no such system yet. Target audience is at least 17204 people around the Earth.


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  • Name:
    Konstantin Skobeltsyn
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    Team members:
    Vitaliy Dementev Anastasia Petrova
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Being useful for human kind, smart architecture designs.
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