Arterial Oscillography

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There is proposed information technology, software and results of researches of 2430 arterial oscillograms of 617 healthy individuals and patients, 56 simultaneously recorded ECGs and arterial oscillograms of healthy individuals, justifying the proposed solutions.

Arterial oscillograms are obtained using the monitoring of blood pressure and the frequency of heart rate, able to register the value of cuff pulse pressure, export information via external data exchange interface in PC (required in the mobile device an operating system supporting java applications) and developed by author's computer program, created for further analysis of obtained data (research was conducted on the blood pressure daily monitor VAT41-2 (produced by LLC “IKS-Tekhno”, Kyiv).

Pressure curve is traditionally used to determine blood pressure and heart rate. Some modern devices propose a possibility to assess arrhythmias. The authors of the work proposed the methods of morphological, temporal, spectral, fractal analysis of oscillograms. Calculated figures were used for their further correlation and cluster analysis. Analysis information technologies of arterial oscillograms were developed and implemented in software environment, which may be an independent product and be included in software environment complex.

Application of the proposed method of investigation of peripheral vascular (oscillography) makes it possible to assess the state of hemodynamic processes, the level of regulation and control of the cardiovascular system, activity and interaction of various parts of the nervous system, the state of functioning myocardial-haemodynamic homeostasis, adaptive capabilities of the circulatory system and the response of peripheral blood vessels in response to the compression cuff. It helps to create for the doctor of new medical imaging technology and monitoring of the cardiovascular system (at rest and under the influence of different medication, physical, thermal, audiovisual and other factors) for the early diagnosis of disorders of its operation, assess the effectiveness of preventive and therapeutic tools in individual patient under individual instrumental control.

Offered information technology can be implemented
1. For the mass and small-scale production of electronic blood pressure monitor household use, for family doctors, cardiologist and researchers. The proposed information technology can be implemented in personal computer, in mobile device operating system that supports java applications and web application.
2. To analyze the research in the assessment of cardiovascular system, the impact of investigated medication and other factors on the CAS in general and in particular peripheral vascular and adaptive capacity of the organism.
Development of strategy implementation of information technology in arterial oscillography in household, medical, specialist and research practice.

Specialized labs and equipment:
Blood pressure daily monitor VAT41-2, software environment, statistical analysis and visualization of arterial oscillograms research and other biosignals.
Web realization


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    Dmytro Vakulenko
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    CEO, Researcher, My Idea, developed new methods analyzing pulsation from blood pressure monitor with team researchers and proof it, developed Oranta-AO software with team developer - mobile application, computing kernel and web system.
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    Javascript using SWFObject to use Flash-technology & Web version of the information system implemented in java (GWT) and Javascript. Environment - Eclipse-luna
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