Probe For Microscopic Investigations In Vivo

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Democratization of medicine

Not all human communities have access to top medical analysis like specific major medical centers. Democratization of information, a person in Europe can access information from America thanks to this easy communication. The same principle can be applied in medicine. Communications infrastructure exists.

A syringe needle inserted into tissue with microscopic eyes can capture images and then store them in memory of a mobile phone.

Digitized information can be sent thousands of miles away at a center for analysis.

All human communities can have access to medical investigations regardless of distance from major centers.

Each person with a mobile phone can connect via USB syringe needle on the phone and then transmit the information via email to a specialized medical center.

A syringe needle with microscopic eyes is disposable and can be accessible to anyone. Classic microscopes are expensive and can only be used in specialized centers.

This concept can be applied anywhere in the world.

The concept is designed for mass production.

A syringe needle is familiar to everyone. Mobile phones have become so popular that do not need to explain. A USB cable makes the connection between microscopic needle of the syringe and mobile phone.

The saved data can be sent similarly to how to send photos.

All parts of needle with microscopic eyes are on the market for other applications.

The novelty is that microscopic eye zoom will be made in the manufacturing phase and will remain so.

A syringe needle with microscopic eyes is disposable.

InfiniLED’s µLED technology enables a new generation of low cost and miniature diagnostic equipment with minimal energy consumption (optimal battery life). The cost basis of the technology also makes it uniquely ideal for disposable diagnostic concepts.

This microscope probe like presented in Fig 1 can be use for:
Biochemistry, Bioengineering and biomaterials Biophysics, Computational biology Cellular and molecular biology, Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Origins of life, Pharmacology, Physiology, Synthetic biology, Systems biology.

This system will be connected with university medical center to compare the result and update. We can sent to physician our intimate image if we are a hundred kilometers. We can contact the big medical center for diagnostic from our home or office. That will be a new revolution in medical.

To achieve the objective of making microscopic probes disposable, the zoom microscope head will be made in the phase of manufacturing for each target as studied.


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