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I have designed a stretcher to lift the patient to an operation theater table or from an operating table to recovery side. Most critical, all types of surgical patients feel and suffer in difficult to handle situations. So keeping this in mind I have designed this type of stretcher to benefit patients.

It will be better than a scoop stretcher because the scoop stretcher is not user friendly being made of only two pieces. My designed stretcher consists of six small but easy to install and remove parts.

There are two side rods or handles and six wooden or fiber parts. Three U shaped rods go through two opposite parallel boards. With the patient still laying on the bed, one can insert two foot boards below the patient one by one on each side. then the U shaped rods will be passed through the handles and locked. After lifting and reaching the destination the stretcher will be placed easily on the bed and unlocked. And each board will be removed one by one without moving the patient.


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    Javed Younus
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