Hydraulic Shoes

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For the huge number of people worldwide who suffer from joint problems and survive with chronic pains and movement limitations, what if we tried to provide them with an easy noninvasive solution which has no side effects that can improve their lives and make their movement easier and not painful?

if it's possible to insert a hydraulic system inside shoes bottoms. And with proper design the force that is exerted upon the body in the upwards direction should be negated or reduced to the least possible limit.

In other words we will try to use the hydraulic system to trap the forces that were supposed to be applied to the body while walking and exert loads on the body weight-bearing joint to cause pain and more damage to diseased joints.

In a a hydraulic system the force might be sacrificed in SPEED.

The idea depends on using something similar to a Gear Pump.

Usually pumps aims at magnifying the output force when related to the input one, however in our case the aim is to negate the output force that drives hydraulic fluid down to be zero or as small as we can.

In addition to speed of gears movement, their weight and number contribute in minimizing the output force.


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    Khaled Elsadani
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