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Consumers are looking for new ways and ideas to protect their families and minimize the risks they expose their kids to. They try to ensure their life styles are healthy and that products and services they use on a day to day basis are safe and do not include harmful substances.

Airbee is a concept of small robots system, which controls health condition of house inhabitants.

The research shows that human's body releases the scent which changes under the influence of diseases. This metod of examining has been known for centuries, and is present in Chins's medicine. Airbee analyzes the chemical composition of the exhaled air and  transmits the data to the app which processes it and visualize the overview of a body condition. This way of detecting diseases provides the fastest diagnose of many illnesses like: a flu, a quinsy or even a cancer.

How people can detect accurately symptoms of their illnesses? The youngest children cry, older can’t precisely define how they feel, even adults have problems with understanding their body. Airbee let’s house inhabitants to detect the first signs of desires. Early detection is Device helps humans better understand and protects themselves and their kids.


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