Automatic Lifting Squatting Toilet

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NAME: Automatic Lifting Squatting Toilet

PROBLEM SOLVED: Hemorrhoids, hard stools, constipation
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Recent studies have shown that this position is associated with a number of health problems.

1. According to an Israeli study published in a journal called “Journal of Medical Sciences,” the squat while emptying your bowels is a main cause of diseases such as:
Intestinal inflammations
Colon cancer
Pelvic disease
Crohn’s disease

Scientists state:
“The frequency of intestinal diseases (hemorrhoids, constipation, inflammation of the appendix, polyps, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome) is similar among white men in South Africa and the peoples of the rich Western countries. In rural areas with style of traditional life, these diseases are very rare and almost unknown.“

2. Modern toilets contribute to the development of hemorrhoids
The sitting position leads to a lower and slower defecation. This position also requires more effort. In addition, emptying the bowels squatting is much faster and easier and hardly needs any effort.

3. Escalate intestinal inflammation
The contents in the intestines can be a good basis for the development of infection and can cause inflammation and even cancer. Crohn’s disease belongs to the group IBD- inflammatory diseases. In fact, it is an autoimmune disease inflammatory intestine, wherein the immunological composition of the body attacks the digestive system of the person.

4. Develop urinary tract infections
In the sitting position, on the other hand, the bladder does not fully empty, allowing retention of urine and makes room for the growth of bacteria that can also lead to urinary tract infections.

5. Connection to heart attacks
There is a real connection between heart attack and stroke and the incidence of defecation in the sitting position. In other words, a large number of deaths and heart attacks occur only in bathrooms.

6. Menstrual toxic shock and problems (SST)
The realization of physiological needs in a squat involves the total pressure of the basin. This allows the bladder emptys easily, but also the contents of the uterus during the menstrual cycle. Sitting on the other side, lack of natural resources “press” and part of the menstrual fluid remains in the uterus. Retention and blood can lead to the development of a large number of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, which can lead to toxic shock (SST).

Very simple, the automatic lifting toilet has 3 different positions, as follows:
A position, Starting position, the customer stands on the chair
B position, lifting down, to the squatting position
C position, doing the "job"
D position, lifting up

Everyone who finds it is very hard to squat, like old people, pregnant woman, the youth with some leg issues, overweight people, hospitals, etc....

Enjoy your potting!

PS - There are a plenty of similar products around the market, but no one has automatic lifting up and down position, so far! I truly hope this toilet will make our nations much more healthy.



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