Superlative Topical Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Microbicide, Immunomodulator & Regenerative Healers

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For eight years, I suffered painful loss of left arm function to supraspinatus and bursa inflammation. Bethamethasone injections provided only limited relief and no regeneration. Soothanol X2's twelve ingredients looked promising, but the manufacturer doesn't ship to Australia, prompting research and development of my own topical formula.

When first tested, Painfree (P1) wildly exceeded expectations, penetrating the skin up to 2 cm in 10 seconds, eliminating pain in 45 seconds, gave ten hours' complete relief and permanently restored some functionality with just a few drops used each time. Improved formulas P2 and the more strongly regenerative, immunomodulatory and microbicidal Arthregen 1 & 2 followed. A2 was responsible for finishing complete cure of my tendonosis in just two weeks. The formulas have proven powerfully effective for local inflammation and analgesia in tendonosis, bursitis, muscular aches and pain, sprained ankles, broken ankles, arthritis, impact injury, severe sunburn, migraine, pain of chilled kidneys and fungal rash elimination. Usually, only one application is needed for sunburn. No sunburn creme is this good. A lady suffering the same shoulder injury as mine lifted her arm overhead for the first time in six years, cured completely after using P2 for two just weeks.

It's like having your own Lignocaine in a dripper bottle, without numbness or any lost motor function; additionally promoting bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament and other tissue regeneration; therefore a boon for arthritis. They have complex webs of synergies, multiple biological mechanisms invervening at multiple points in numerous biochemical pathways; plus balancing effects from hundreds of interacting constituents. Many compounds elicit biological responses in micromolar concentrations.

They're literally hundreds of times safer than Aspirin, which is far less powerful, yet cumulatively toxic. It kills approximately 600 Australians, 2,000 Britons and 10,000 Americans annually. Most are arthritis and neuralgia sufferers who use it excessively. It causes aneurysms, ulcers and immunosuppression, leading to Streptococcus Pneumoniae respiratory infection and pneumonia. All these can kill. Used correctly, Painfree & Arthregen cannot kill or harm, even heavily used. There's potential to replace Aspirin, Paracetamol (world's No 1 liver destroyer), Celebrex and other harmful Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), to literally save thousands of lives every year; likewise many addictive and potentially deadly opioid drugs, without causing addiction.

These are probably the best topical analgesic, antiinflammation and healing lotions in Australia. A2 may be the best on the entire planet, but still not considered my pinnacle of development. Future P3 & A3 are already researched for total safety with the heaviest possible long term use and broader biomechanism ranges, including but not limited to:
Nociceptor desensitisation;
Cox, Lox, Nox, cathepsin, arachidonic acid and histamine inhibition;
Fibrocyte activation;
Leucocyte activation & regulation;
Microbe destruction, including drug-resistant strains.

Contraindications: Not for children, taking internally, open wounds, sensitive skin. DMSO requires care. Don't contaminate or spill on clothing.

Benefits: Life saving, especially versus NSAIDs. Extremely safe topical analgesia, anti-inflammation, tissue regeneration, immunomodulation, microbicide.
Anticipated price: AU$45 (100 ml), AU$25 (50 ml), cheaper with upscaled production.
Potential market: Global except Australia, NZ, Germany, Austria.


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