GermiTube, Automatic Air Disinfection Unit

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Story behind this idea:
One day, my daughter was coming from school and said, dad our teacher told us we will need a germicidal lamp to decrease spread of diseases across our class and parents should look around and pick one for us. Taking a look at available products it turns into challenge to create novel germicidal lamp that will be maintenance free and functions without need for any attention. Practically saying teacher has another more important task to do, not to get additional responsibility to take care of some lamp. Therefore we have created the first GermiTube and installed it in my daughter's class to full satisfaction. Thanks to involved closed UVC radiation it operates during presence of children and disinfects air in the class without any other needs. GermiTube indicates its status and warns in case of failure on the color touch screen as well as counts lifetime of the UVC tube. All necessary settings are simple adjustable through the touch screen. GermiTube presents environmentally friendly technology without dangerous chemicals, ozone free, low initial and maintenance costs, safe operation at presence of people and it could find application in hospitals, clinics, waiting rooms, schools, laboratories, homes and many other places.

Short principle of operation:
Absorption of 254 nm radiation by microorganisms causes photochemical destruction of their DNS and thus shuts down their reproductive processes deactivating them and making them no more pathogenic. Efficient disinfection requires appropriate UV exposition given by exposure time and UV-C radiation dose as written in the corresponding literature.


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