Safety Check- A Behavior Based Safety App

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WHAT IS IT? Safety Check is an application available for smartphones and tablets, created to enhance behavior-based safety programs and provide an opportunity to evaluate “readiness to perform” (RTP) levels. “Readiness to perform” is a state or condition in which a person is safe and ready to perform the task at hand (i.e. truck drivers, pilots, equipment operators). Safety Check will safeguard against persons working/operating when they are not in a safe cognitive state to execute a critical task. This will reduce accidents and loss of life when combined with an effective safety program. Employees will open the Safety Check app and take a quick series of assessments that measures their response time and accuracy at the millisecond level. This data is compared to benchmark data to assess their current cognitive level, an indicator of potential performance.

Safety Check will provide a powerful tool allowing safety decisions to be based on data, as opposed to the bias of relationships and personal evaluation. Safety Check will not diagnosis cause but will prompt a meaningful conversation with supervisors as well as make users self-aware of reduced or unsafe performance potential.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: There are significant opportunities to reduce the number of unsafe activities or decisions being made everyday by evaluating the current cognitive state (aka RTP) of operators. Safety Check will utilize peer reviewed and published data to evaluate performance on simple tasks prompted by the app. These tests will include reaction time, memory, and inhibition stages which will highlight any abnormal performance, flagging the user for follow up or evaluation. Safety Check will act as an early, data driven alert to unsafe RTP levels due to fatigue, influence of substances, and environmental or other factors. Safety Check will automate safety reviews and provide analytical feedback directly to management in real time. Currently this is unavailable.

MARKETPLACE COMPARISON: Computerized Neuropsychological tests are well validated and accepted by clinicians. Safety Check is unique due to the delivery (smart phone/ tablet), timing of tests (before or mid shift) and data comparison to accepted levels. Safety Check is the only app designed to provide instant feedback on RTP and provide a measurement tool to support behavior-based safety programs.

MARKET POTENTIAL: Trucking Industry, Construction, Heavy Equipment, Public Transportation, Pilots, EM Personal, Military, Industrial Plant Operators, and more. Safety Check will be rolled into behavior-based safety programs and serve small business, Fortune 500, and federal markets. The cost of the actual assessment will be very low, likely between $1-$2 per assessment, and may be further reduced through bulk pricing. Safety Check is applicable anywhere safety and performance is a critical element to success.

Market Example: Trucking Industry ($700B, 2014)- 3.5 million truck drivers transport 80% of the goods in the United States. Currently the industry is short 48,000 drivers, increasing in the coming years. The average age of drivers is 49 & increasing. Combined with fewer overall drivers, the potential for unsafe conditions only increases.


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