Bio-Grid Pure Vapor

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Our product is Bio-Grid Pure Vapor Portable Room Robot for disinfection protocol. It is a fully automatic PLC controlled with touch screen HMI interface. The need is great as there were 1.5 million cases of HAI (hospital acquired infections) last year according to the CDC. The two stage disinfecting sequence consist of; the first stage a hydrogen peroxide fogging followed by the second stage an ultraviolet light array, eighteen 95 watt UV-C (germs killing light wave length) lamps. It deactivates micro-organisms and does not allow them to replicate. The Bio-Grid Pure Vapor robot can be wheeled into an operating room, procedure room or patient room. It could also be used at a surgical center or in laboratory clean rooms. Once plugged into a 110 volt outlet the robot is completely self-contained and can be activated from the HMI touch screen. Once activated four motion sensors will allow the cycle to start after no movement is detected for 30 seconds, any movement in the room after that will stop the cycle, otherwise the cycle will continue until completion. The first stage consists of hydrogen peroxide fogging. The robot will begin dispersing hydrogen peroxide fog while rotating 355 degrees and then stop at that position and allow fog to disperse and fill the area properly. Once the first stage is complete the second stage will begin, the upper doors open then two 4 bank lamp assemblies rise out of the cabinet. Next the lamp assemblies pivot upward and rotate outward for maximum programmed exposure. The two 5 bank lamp assemblies on each side of the cabinet and the two 4 bank lamp assemblies on the upper arms now will be powered on (over 1700 watts of sanitizing power) and the cabinet will now begin rotating back to the home position (355 degrees back) on a timed cycle programmed according to room size. Last will be a cool down time and retract upper lamps and arms into the cabinet, upper doors close and completion signal is sounded.


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