Swaybe - The Lulling Assistant

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Every young family knows the following situation: you go for a walk with your newborn; the swinging of the buggy calms your baby down to sleep. The mother and father like to use this chance to get a break from the daily routine and relax a bit. However, a well-deserved break on the bench in the park is still not possible because as soon as the buggy stands still, the baby will wake up and cry.

Swaybe is the solution they are looking for: The lulling assistant is a device that kindly rocks any kind of baby crib, bouncer or buggy smoothly. This motion calms the kid and lulls them into sleep so they continue to sleep even if the parents need a break.

Swaybe uses a self-adaptation function that learns the gentle swing movements of the parents and is then able to continue the lulling with the same rhythm and gentle intensity. It creates a controlled reaction force on the structures where it is installed and induces a smooth and harmonic rocking motion.
Swaybe is composed of standard components, most of which are commercially available with only minor adaptations required. This makes Swaybe very straightforward to manufacture, reliable and economically viable.
Long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries ensure a long runtime of several hours. This is also thanks to the adaptive control algorithm, which ensures that Swaybe is working very energy efficiently on any structure. Swaybe is approximately 25 centimeter (10 inches) long and weighs about 200 grams (less than 1/2 lb.).

A functional prototype has been demonstrated at the “Josephs Service-Manufaktur” in Nuremberg (Germany). During this one month endurance test under public observation, the prototype has proven to be very reliable and extremely quiet.
More than 300 visitors were asked about their opinion about such a product. Nearly 70% of the people considered Swaybe to be very useful. Only 10% stated that in their opinion it was not, and that parents should rather always lull in their babies themselves without technical assistance.

The developer, himself a proud father of a newborn son, certainly does not aim to replace the affections and the love of parents towards their babies. Swaybe is not thought to be activated over long periods of time to quiet babies down.

The movement automatically reduces after some minutes and the system switches itself off gently.




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    Roman Kraus
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    Simone Kraus Roman Kraus Kiya Staudt
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    Babies need sleep and parents need rest. Swaybe helps both of them at once.
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    FEMM; Matlab Simulink
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