Voice – The Electrolarynx

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The loss of voice for people is a cause of significant limitations in their communication skills and degradation of their assertion. It is a restricting factor of the power of swift verbal communication. People with this impediment can’t be heard and understood when socialising not face to face, in loud environments etc.

The Electrolarynx is an apparatus which after being placed on soft tissue parts of the neck gives out audible vibrations. The user is able to verbally communicate which is caused by the movement of the mouth and tongue which then creates single words through this apparatus. It is mostly used by patients that had a laryngectomy or tracheotomy that was the cause of the loss of voice.

The aim of this work was to help these patients with integration into social life. That is the reason why the new way of adjusting the device Voice enables swift and easy manipulation of the electrolarynx depending on the environment and situation of the patient. It is simply possible to adjust the device by the pressing of one button. More advanced adjustment is enabled by a user interface which is situated beneath the back cover of the battery. It is possible to adjust the device depending on the individual needs of each patient.


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