Stander Wheelchair With Wireless Command For People With Motor Disabilities

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The project consists on the development of an electric wheelchair with the action of stand up people with different motor disabilities using for that a diversity of options for the main command: control apps with smartphones or tablets, control of movement by electroencefalographic signals, control through movements of the head, and other type of commands designed studying and analizing the particular different capacity of the usering.

The action of stand up brings a lot of advantages for the user of an electric wheelchair: Social life: autonomy, psychological benefits, favors relationship with social environment, improve self-esteem.

Health: prevents thrombosis, facilitates breathing, anatomical alignment, promotes circulation, prevents osteoporosis, improves digestion.

The resources used are 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D software, laser cutting, equipment acquisition electroencephalographic signals, electronic components of last generation.

This project aims to launch to the market low-cost product; domestic production; and high performance.


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    Federico Gracia
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    Ing. Adolfo Gonzalez Ing. Antonio Alvarez Ing. Nelson Dugarte Ing. Federico Gracia Tec. Diego Vicencio
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    We are inspired by the growing need in Argentina that people have permanent capacity to have special equipment that allows them to improve their social life and especially their health.
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