Road Safety Device Using Brain Wave Analyzer

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Many road accidents are due to drowsiness. To overcome this problem, we developed a new product called brain wave analyzer. This product contains a headband and analyzer box. The vehicle driver has to wear this headband while driving and the analyzer box has to be placed nearby. The analyzer box contains a microcontroller which monitors the driver's status. The brain waves of the driver are converted into digital value which indicates the drowsiness state of the driver. If it exceeds the safe limit, the analyzer box will start to alarm. So the driver can wake up from the drowsy state.


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    Manivannan S
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    E.Kaleeswaran, C.Magesh, G.V.Manikandan
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    In order to switch ON/OFF of any house hold objects like fan, Air conditioner, T.V, light etc., we need to operate it by pressing the respective switches. The modern method to operate those switches by Infrared based remote controller. These two methods are difficult for old age people. Our proposed innovation will overcome all these problems. Our product saves time consumption and improves the productivity of the industries.
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