Fractal Orifice Cannulae

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The Fractal Orifice Plate is a platform technology upon which novel nozzle geometries for advanced fluid dynamics and spray applications are based. It is designed to produce a large class of non-canonical turbulent flows that can be tailored to specific applications based on a few simple parameters. Subsequently, the Fractal Orifice Plate offers a vast array of turbulence configurations effectively opening the door to a new realm of spray and flow control. The Fractal Orifice Plate is patented internationally in over twenty countries in the E.U., China and the U.S. for a diverse set of applications ranging from fuel atomization to combustion and power generation to industrial robotics.

Medical application Cannulea for plastic and other surgery and med uses.

Cannula are used to move fluids in and out of the body. Using a fractal orifice at the end of the cannulae will allow for the best mixing possible. Better mixed drugs will increase likelihood of drug efficacy.

See combustion notes for brief explanation of mixing via fractal orifice. Imperial College UK has done many studies on efficacy of using fractal orifices which mix 7 times better than using none.

A sketch is attached showing one of several orifices we could 3d print in the operating room and used in many situations. For example in plastic surgery you many want smaller and smaller holes or different shapes while using the suction to remove fat and other lipids .

We have many more orifice types to use.


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