Personal Health Records Created and Protected

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created a revolution in U.S. health deployment. In
addition to facilitating affordable health insurance for all citizens, the government aims
are to have universal digitalization of health records, have them easily and safely
accessed, and to encourage their use.

PHR-Rescue provides an identity theft-proof, transportable method for creating and
transporting Personal Health Records. PHR-Rescue saves time for both the patient and
practitioner while greatly increasing the accuracy of medical care. It can be a life-saver in an accident, quickly providing an organized history of allergies, systemic problems, hospitalizations, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

We feel that we can provide the answer to the governments' call.

We provide a flash drive on which the PHR-Rescue program is housed. Patients have complete control of their medical records and who sees them. They are not kept on a "cloud" somewhere and exposed to possible theft. The patient is led to provide the raw data of their medical history. The program then organizes the information, scrubs out any compromising data, and generates a depersonalized, comprehensive, quickly read history for emergency protection and for use at regular medical appointments.

Patients often struggle to remember the name and dosage of their prescriptions, wasting the practitioners' time and exposing them to potential danger. With our system, the patient saves the time required to fill out medical histories at each facility by exporting an accurate, organized history at each visit.

Our system enables us to provide high quality products/services at a lower cost. Our operating program is delivered on a ½ ounce flash drive that is readily available, quickly delivered, and can be imprinted with the logo and identity of a sponsoring organization.


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    Newton Malerman
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    I had 7 surgeries within 5 years. NONE of my doctors could access my medical records at any of the other practices. I realized that for my own safety, I'd better find a way to provide my data to each office to make sure that all my medical team was on the same page. The responses to the invention have been my inspiration to develop and improve the program.
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    Phr-Rescue developed software
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