ARK Aquatic Rehabilitation Kinematic and Fitness System

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Today’s vision of aquatic equipment is large, expensive, and generally accomplished by installing a permanent pool. Post operation and after injury, it is especially important to ensure that the patient becomes active as soon as possible. Normal land based exercises are often intolerable because of pain, excess weight, or fear of re-injury during these times which extends the patient’s healing time and can cause loss in memory of kinesthetic motions or partial disabilities to complicate the healing process. Meet the ARK, a self-contained aquatic fitness and rehabilitation system designed to do what its name suggests; to provide an environment where a person can be carried back safely into the arms of health. The system promotes well-being and health, to give back people their independence. It is a cross market platform with multiple streams of revenue as it can be utilized as a fitness, sports therapy and medicine, and professional athlete training system.

The ARK is an extremely state-of the art piece of machinery, especially for its superior market accessibility. This system can be assembled just about anywhere because it disassembles down to fit through a 29”x79” opening which is smaller than the standard doorway on a home. This opens up to leasing options for in-home health care as well as making it cheap enough for the massive fitness franchise industry that relies heavily on its existing buildings and can’t afford the structural changes for a pool. We’ve also perfected the water conditioning being able to fully germicide, add ozone, filter, and heat 200% between uses; all through a variable speed pump that can perform all of the above at up to 220 GPM. No chlorine, bromine, or salt ever needs added to the system to keep it clean. Pneumatic valves turn the handles of 3 way valves plumbed with schedule 80 pipe to automate extremely dynamic water flow without the effects of water hammer. A smart phone or tablet allows access to controls and diagnostics. Once inside, they can seal the door and may run the accessory drive with or without water. Accessories include but are not limited to a spin cycle and a treadmill. Water will be stored in the tank in front of the user where the condition and clarity of the water can be seen before using the equipment. There is also a river jet for added resistance. Once finished, the water will drain and the user can unlock the door and exit. All of the above add up to grave limitations of all competitors in the industry.

Industry disruptive technology - Impact feedback allows for collecting real data and the machine will add depth to keep impact below the set threshold.

The systems are built using a 5’x10’ CNC machining table, heat bending/thermoforming processes, and plastic welding. Structural materials used where environmentally stabilized and recycled HDPE and other high performance plastics. There were also sealants used that will be replaced with gasket seals in the near future to assist with the DIY intent of the system.


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