VR Therapy with Biofeedback (VRTB)

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Do you know someone who has a social phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder or other debilitating mental condition? If so then Virtual Reality Therapy with Bio-Feedback will be a great place to start the recovery. By slowly introducing simulations that will stimulate patient response and monitoring the physiological state, a trained therapist can properly rehabilitate the individual.

By utilizing Electroencephalogram, Electrodermal activity and Heart rate variability therapists are able to tailor the Virtual Reality experience and gradual introduce stimuli to the patient. This experience will be monitored over a length of time, dependent on the individual, while techniques such as mindfulness meditation to subdue or cope with the immediate response to the negative stimuli will be taught and practiced. Over subsequent sessions additional stimuli or stressful simulations will be added, or reduced depending on patient response. Eventually, through custom tailoring VR simulations, the anxiety, fear and stress will lessen and the patient will begin to heal. Teaching the adaptive skills needed to cope to real life trauma and fear will be one step in the process for the individual’s recovery, while understanding the physiological reactions to a simulated stimuli will provide additional information and answers.


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