Energy Generation With Magnetic Repelling And Gravity

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This technology is based on magnetic repelling principle .We can generate electricity with very little force with the help of this technology.This will be a radical step in the field of energy generation.

In this technology there will be a balance system and two heavy weight magnets will be attached with each side of this balance system as per diagram.
As per diagram there will be two moving weights and these moving weights will move on tracks.These tracks will be fixed at the angle of 8 to 10 degree.
Two magnets will be attached on the front side of these moving weights and these magnets will have similar polarity with the magnets of balance system.
These moving weights will be attached with two gear boxes and these gear boxes will be attached with two generators.


When one side heavy weight magnet of balance system will be pressed with the help of any kind of external force(very little force) then this side will come down and repel its side moving weight due to equal polarity of magnets and due to repelling the moving weight will move forward .but when the heavy weight magnet will move upward then this moving weight will move backward due to gravity to get its position back.
in this way this moving weight will work to run a gear box and this gear box will work to start a generator to generate energy.Both heavy weight magnet will work one by one to push their side moving weight.

I would like to insist on some following points:
(1) The balance system will be attached with 'L' form crank with external PRESSING source.
(2) The moving weights will also be attached with 'L' form crank with gear boxes.
(3) Each side magnet of balance system will work one by one .When one side magnet will come down the another side magnet will move up .These magnets will come down and move up one by one to repel their side moving weight.
(4) We can take as much weight as we can of these magnets of balance system .(50 kilogram to 1000 Kilogram or more).
(5) External source of pressing this balance system could be anything such as pressing with foot or solar cell. WE WILL NEED ONLY 3 VOLT EXTERNAL ENERGY TO PRESS THIS BALANCE SYSTEM AND GENERATE MORE AND MORE ENERGY.
This technology can solve the energy problem for ever .This will be an Eco-friendly technology.


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