Sustainable Technologies

Safe drinking water is the main scarcity after any disaster – whether natural or manmade. In many situations surface water is available but is contaminated with harmful diarrhoeal germs of diseases like cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, etc. If the water is not contaminated by industrial wastes and insecticides,

It is New Innovation to improvement the Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation (Storm water O&M) and increase protectively, accurate result and quality of life,

The proposed design of Optical Detector Sensors System [2 Sets of Photo1], implemented with the purpose of its functioning as an essential device, in a solar locating and tracking System [and similar applications], whose primary function is to orientate a solar collector to face the Sun,

This new-technology electricity generator functions uniquely according to known principles of electromagnetic induction, and requires no external power or fuel. It is patented (US 8,847,720). The power output depends upon the frequency of the inducing current, making a very small generator extremely powerful. It is modular and scalable;

This design provides a sustainable transportation solution based on 4th-generation airship technology that can serve remote communities and resource developments year-round and reduce their freight costs.

Approximately 70% of Canada’s landmass lies north of the permanent road-network.

Sustainably feeding the planet is becoming increasingly difficult. 800 million people go hungry everyday. 1/4 of the world lacks proper nutrients to live a healthy life, and the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion people by the year 2050. With these inevitable stresses on the agriculture industry,

Every day the usage of polymer based materials are increasing. Water bottles, one time use bags, food packaging and wrappers etc., are unavoidable. These materials are dumped into open land and causes environmental problems like soil pollution, blockage of canal, ingestion by wild life, long time for degradation,

Not a drop of water should be wasted!

Every day as you turn on your shower and let it run to heat up, gallons of water are wasted. Depending on the shower,

State regulations require that floating roof tanks control emissions when they are cleaned. My company developed a method to control emissions and recover the gases back to liquid for recycling.

The system makes zero pollution and recovers by condensing the gases.

When i started putting pencil on paper, i really didn't think too much about the fact that it is a very unique vehicle that is powered by electricity. My major focus was on the environmental issue. The global economy is in crisis –

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