Increasing the efficiency of a combined power station

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The Earth is now suffering from Global warming and we all know that the power plants are considered a huge sink for fuel which is decaying rapidly with time, so that increasing the overall efficiency of the plant by only small decimals will lead to decrease the amount of fuel needed to produce the same amount of power which will be more economical that saves millions of dollars in a year and greatly decrease the pollution and emissions that is formed by exhaust gases leaving the cycle which make the cycle environmental friendly.

Simply this idea is to have more than one benefit from something we already have, especially what concerns Energy.

The Idea is to use a specific amount of extracted steam from the turbine, to operate a Vapor absorption Refrigeration cycle where its evaporators work on decreasing the temperature of inlet air to compressors (inter-cooling) which greatly decrease the power needed for compression process hence a significant increase in the overall efficiency of this modified cycle. This is very similar to the closed feed water heater which is used to increase the efficiency of the power station as well.

The operation of this cycle makes what we always search on in the operation of any compression process which in “Inter-stage Cooling” as this cooling affects greatly the needed power for compression process.

This idea requires a very high budget to develop and this is very challenging because no one will risk developing the idea if it's not practical, economical and efficient, that’s why I am currently focusing on the performance calculations, optimizations and economic studies in order to highlight the idea for innovators and industry leader to make it happen.


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