System To Grow Plants Under Shade

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This innovation is aimed to grow plants under canopy of trees or shaded
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[1] It is well known that it is virtually impossible to grow anything under shadow of big canopy of trees. This phenomenon acquires importance when we think of fertile land under shadow of fruit trees in orchids and under shadow of Grapes plantation going waste as it cannot be used productively. In alternate scenario, space above big fields growing crops such as wheat, rice etc. is not utilized for productive purpose as planting of trees to utilize that space shall affect the crop output.
Even in parks grass does not grow under shadow of trees.

[2] Thus, vast stretches of fertile land remains underutilized. These stretches of land, if utilized gainfully, can help grow additional agricultural output and can be a boon for societies dependent on imports for their agricultural product requirements.

[3] Though various efforts have been made to channel sunlight, they mostly pertain to requirement of interiors of residential and/or commercial buildings and do not address specific need of providing sun light evenly as is the requirement for growing crop in a shaded area such as under the canopy of trees or under the stands of grape producing vines. Shadow stops photosynthesis process. This invention restarts photosynthesis process by taking sunlight to plants under shadow.

[5] There is therefore a need for providing devices that can channel sun light under shadow of trees so that the uncultivated fertile land under trees can be gainfully utilized. Such a device shall provide following advantages and therefore can bring overall prosperity to individual farmers and society at large. We can use fertile land More efficiently ; which is already scarce to find in world.

[6] In this system; sunlight is captured through sunlight capturing unit and it travels through the sun tube to be diffused upon the crops evenly by 1-5 RPH rotating diffusing unit. This makes possible photosynthesis process of plants / crops. Hence any sun loving crop can be cultivated under shadow by using this invention

Advantages :
1. This system would be source of additional income for farmers without increasing
their land holding.

2. In parks green grass can be grown even under tree shadow.

3. Only minimal cost is involved to have more yield of crops or fruits or commercial
wood as compared to purchase more land for cultivation.

4. Expense on the System is only one time. It would work for minimum 20 years.
5. There is no operating expense.

6. More efficient use of fertile land which is already scarce to find in world.

7. Same irrigation system can be used for both crops and fruit trees. This system
would also reduce water wastage as excess water may either consumed by crop
or by trees.

8. Most important of all as this system would help to have more yields from same
piece of land thus would help the world to achieve food security.


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