ATRE - Electricity Is Now A Household Appliance

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Our Vision and Aim for this Project.

Our vision is to provide each and every user of electricity with the best possible chance of finding a green energy with zero emissions and no environmental impact that can influence our life on earth dramatically.

About the Project.

To build a selfpowered Power Station using contact electrification and water as components to generate a continuous electrical charging current to meet your basic electricity supply needs.

Earth Ambient Temperature Resistant Electricity (ATRE):

This is about the use of simple contact electrification and water component technology in building selfpowered power stations with zero emissions and no environmental impact.
ATRE technology will provide basic electricity generation without the need for a national electricity utility grid to be present to charge a capacitor bank. The ATRE Power Station is in itself a self sustained charger.

The Problem We Hope To Solve:

ATRE project is aimed at helping in the fight against climate change because it produces energy with zero emissions and no environmental impact.
ATRE envisions providing home dwellers, cities, rural communities and isolated areas and industries with basic electricity.

What We Have Done So Far:

During the past 3 years the inventor has done research and experimental work on ATRE circuitry design and the development of the basic operating principles to generate an electrical current using very opposing metals to contact one another to form an Earth Ambient Temperature Resistant Battery Cell.
The battery cell created is a very simple galvanic cell separated by graphite magnesium layered crystals. The crystals are placed under opposing force conditions with the help of an electromagnetic array of conductors and a special designed magnetic but non conductive water plug.
The Oxygen component in water carries electrons that cause a reaction with the water plug that induce a negative charge to the crystal graphite layers.

Electrons is discharged to conductors under a magnetic array force, allowing electrons to flow from cell to cell. This reaction appears to be constant as long as the water is in direct contact to the earth through a copper pin and cable that joins to an opposing earth metal antenna.
Six prototypes were built to test various approaches towards the generation of constant electric current using free media such as metals, crystals and water components, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Why ATRE Technology?

1. Compact
2. Design is very simple and possible to scale up or down.
3. Easy and inexpensive to manufacture.
4. Low maintenance, user(s) only need to check water levels.
5. Safe, noiseless and reliable energy generation 24hrs a day non stop.
6.Plug& Play Technology Feature. You buy it, you plug it in. That simple.

Challenges Ahead.

Risks are in the density of electrons deposited to capacitors and the ability of charge controllers that are currently available in the market to control the charge being able to switch from capacitor bank to capacitor bank and backwards to allow for constant electricity draw from the total capacity provided by the ATRE Power Station.



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