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The HydroCharge is a portable, self-sustaining charging dock, that is perfect for the environmentally conscious outdoorsman on the go. This compact design with a small and efficient turbine is only 8” x 10” x 2” and weighs approximately 2lbs. This product is perfect for all of those summer camping trips. The turbine charges one of the two stored 5200mAh batteries in five hours, and can fully charge most smartphones. This device comes standard with two batteries so you can use one on the go for your devices while the other battery is topping up in the HydroCharge; making this device perfect for any camping trip. This product is also perfect for charging more than just a phone, such as cameras, lights/lanterns, or G.P.S. trackers. This device is also easily customizable with many color and pattern options. The HydroCharge is extremely durable with a high impact abs plastic unibody construction, it is also easy to tear apart to make cleaning less of a hassle. This is also a very eco friendly product, hydrodynamic power generation is one of the highest concentrations of natural power in the world and we aim to utilize it for you. This is the must have device for any tech savvy campers!


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    Leo Ravina
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    We wanted to find a solution to increasing dependence on technology by finding a way to maintain when in the wilderness.
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