Creating A Halo Ring To Absorb the Sun's Rays and Protect the Earth

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I want to create a ring that will consist of solar panels and the ring will be adjusted outside the atmosphere of Earth and in a such a manner that the ring will have the ring just at its center. The ring will have solar panels situated in it and fixed with turntable joints and an that they remain lateral as well as radially outwards like arrangement whenever one required. The main problem is the meteors that can strike it so I have ray guns in it and also the radially outward like position of panels when required can also help the small to pass. Breadth of the ring will be from Tropic of Cancer to Capricorn so as to block out the sun. For 7 days the panels will remain blocked and it will stop the sun's rays from reaching Earth. More adjustments will be needed to make the ring have some rocket boosters to align it in different directions if necessary. This is something we need friends because we have to stop climate change. We can start that by reducing heat from sun to reach us.

This is a basic idea and more refinement of the idea is required. For protecting mother nature we must act. It's not a choice we have to protect our Earth .


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