Self Energizing Hybrid Car

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Nowadays the usage of fossil fuels has been increasing rapidly, and the number of automobiles also has increased. By this our eco-system is damaged enormously. To reduce this fossil fuel consumptions alternative methods including solar, electrical, CNG’S, LPG’S have been introduced. These methods have reduced damaging of the eco-system to some extent only, and these are so expensive too.

As engineering students we want to change this technology and fossil fuels by replacing it with alternative fuel as air and solar energy. We want to run the automobiles with free atmospheric air and solar energy which doesn’t cause any harm to the environment or eco-system. Also we are making use of the car suspension system to produce the electrical energy. On the other hand the car we designed makes use of wind energy while the car is in the kinematic motion. This shows that the car we designed makes use of four natural sources of energy.

We have modified the present running multi cylinder IC engine into a compressor, On the other hand the engine itself acts as a self-electrical energy production system. By introducing or using this self-energizing engines the major advantages are we can save our environment, we can reduce the usage of non-renewable resources (fossil fuels) and the cost of this engines are less and long lasting too.


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    Aditya Sai
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    MR. Naveen MR.Ravi
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    Thomas Alva Edison "experiment stages of inventing a bulb" was the inspiration for me and my designs.
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