Eco Friendly Energy And Sustainability

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The design proposed here talks about the economically and ecologically friendly energy from sunlight and from house hold waste that can be utilized
- to meet the energy needs,
- to grow vegetables on the roof or in the garden and
- to save water and cooking gas.

Coming to the problem statement, demand for electricity is increasing everyday due to increasing development in Industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors too. To meet the increasing demand, new power stations are setup that mostly produce electricity through thermal power generation (coal, diesel, bio-gas and nuclear). Hydro power generation had reached its saturation and not possible to increase any further due to limitations in land utilization for construction of new dams. Wind energy is seasonal and solar PV energy needs high investment and land area due to low efficiency. In addition to that energy loses that occur during transmission makes us to think a local-for-local energy generation. Another problem is that people start living closer and closer like honey bee nest as the energy availability is not distributed.

A sustainable, safe and eco friendly energy for domestic and small scale industry/business sectors becomes mandatory for the distributed development of the nation rather than a high density population in the urban region to get the required energy and no-development in the rural areas in terms of energy.

Here the proposed system for the domestic application focusses on
- producing steam from sewage water through concentrated solar thermal energy and driving turbines for electricity and other house hold mechanical loads like water pumps, mixers, rice grinders, air-conditioners etc.,
- residual steam condensate is used for watering garden
- kitchen waste is first used to produce bio gas and then the residue is turned to manure for roof/home garden to grow vegetables and food crops
- toilet waste is converted to bio-gas for heating water and powering gas powered street lamps, then the residue to taken for agricultural land for decomposing to green manure.

Similarly the system for industry focuses on recycling water, using it for meeting electricity and heating demands through solar thermal energy.

Third picture explains the different methods to store energy - as a direct heat through molten salt or as a compressed air.

Such a complete system is not available in the market, this is have a good market potential.

Manufacturing shall be done with simple technologies and no new/complex manufacturing methods are involved.

When comparing costs with solar PV, for same amount of power this will be only 30%.

Here the system should have a complete monitoring and controlling through electronics to ensure safety and diagnostic information readily available for the user.

Need for building new generating stations can be reduced and people can live sustainable and do their business sustainable with out dependency on fossil fuel and government for energy.

A major advantage is for the environment as it helps reduce CO2 emission and water pollution.


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