FRESH by ClayNation

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FRESH is a simple clay refrigeration and water filtration system for impoverished families in Gujarat, India. FRESH is made from local materials and builds upon existing skills sets of Gujarati potters. ClayNation is the organisation behind FRESH, providing training and equipment for low income potter families and sales/distribution networks.

FRESH not only provides a new source of income for potter households but also the opportunity for surrounding communities to provide their families with fresh produce and clean water.

Pottery is a common profession for families in rural Gujarati communities. However the recent adoption of plastic pots has reduced the demand for hand made clay pots. The ClayNation program allows potters to apply their skills to enter into a new market, whilst creating a healthier environment - not only for their own families but for other surrounding communities with limited access to clean drinking water and electricity-powered refrigeration.

Using a simple clay filter, water passes through clay pores, create by mixing organic matter into the clay. The space between the pots is filled with sand and gravel to aid in the filtration process as well as retaining water to provide evaporative refrigeration for fresh produce.

ClayNation provide potters with onsite training in their own workplace, plastic tap parts for the FRESH assembly as well as a distribution network to communities in need of clean water and refrigeration.



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