Green Cube

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Mankind grasps more and more surfaces of the ground as roads, the airports, etc.

But we can return these areas to plants vertically.

For this purpose it is necessary to build walls with special building blocks. These blocks are filled by a ground and established on a diagonal in such a manner that between them there is a space for plants.

Blocks have apertures in the bottoms in such a manner that all ground of all wall is one mass.. It is very convenient for root system of plants and for watering.

Such way of stacking of blocks is not present anywhere in the world. At least we did not see, though we searched on the Internet much.

These blocks can be round too, or triangular - if you will want, that the fence would smooth from the external party.

More complex configurations are possible - for example for facing of old walls, these “cubes” will have the hemispherical form. They will be attached to a wall with the help of dowel or steel cables.

Existing plastic pots for plants have no such ergonomic form to build of them green walls. These blocks are more compact and steady.

All these forms can be made of different materials - plastic, a mix of limes and perlite, etc.

Thus the cost price will be no more than by other building materials.

If armature will be applied, the cost price will increase a maximum on 30 - 50 cents by one perlite block.

In case of plastic it is necessary to change only the form without additional expenses.


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