Photovoltaic Wind Turbine for Geothermal Heat Pump

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The Photovoltaic Wind Turbine for Geothermal Heat Pump would lend to the enhancement of the sustainable energy that is available for production by utilizing photovoltaic solar panels mounted on a wind turbine. The wind turbine generator powers a geothermal heat pump.

The solar cells produce electrical energy that is distributed to a generator that enhances the rotation of the wind turbine shaft. The shaft rotates the generator and provides the power needed for the geothermal heat pump unit.

Solar energy that activates the wind turbine generating electrical energy for the operation of the heat pump and additional electrical energy into storage batteries. The system consists of a series of sustainable energy technologies working in synergy with each system component.

The applied use of the system technologies would lend itself to serene environments with good environmental and geothermal properties, also with environments that are hostile with extreme winds or extreme sun.

The manufacturability of the photovoltaic wind turbine geothermal heat pump would be obtainable with off the shelf components as well as the utilization of standard and advanced manufacturing processes.

The marketability would be made available globally. An emphasis would be placed on third world and impoverished countries that have a need for energy obtained from sustainable technologies.


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