Carbon Less Container (CLS)

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There are more than 20.1 million intermodal containers of different types mostly used as common package for about 60% of world sea trade. Usual intermodal container has weight of about 3.800-10.000 kg that in total gives 20.1 * 3.800 = 76.3-200 million thousand kg for small containers with length of less than 7 meters. As anyone knows usual modern auto has weight of about 1.200 kg that shows that there is 76.3 million tons of steel that can be easily used by automotive industry as a source for 76.3-200 million autos.

There are a set of factors that makes the use of intermodal containers that are made from steel not suitable, like corrosion and heavy weights that needs additional tons of fuels and large tracks, it is hard to maintain metallic intermodal containers, oils and recycling needs a lots of carbon emissions.

There are a set of technologies that allow us to produce better intermodal containers of better material for exciting carbon footprint. As we need to reduce carbon generation to produce containers and to ship them away why not to use carbon as source for other containers.

Metal is modern gold for people that needs protection and care as population on the Planet of development, jobs, growth and investments need sustainable high added value goods and services.

As you can see large ships and tracks that made delivery of goods goes back empty with just containers aboard that needs to move 3-6 tones of heavy dry weight for sometimes thousands miles and kilometers producing several kg of CO2 per hundred kilometers.

Carbon Less Containers technologies of Kazka Solutions allows to produce new intermodal containers from carbon fiber glass, from plastics, nano fibers and graphen. Carbon Less Containers constructed under standards of ISO 6346, DNV GL, EN12079 that are most important standards for use in containers generations.

Such materials allow to have ecology friendly containers, bins, for competitive price that can be maintained easily, has low weight (less than 1.000 kg), does not afraid corrosion, easy to recycle. So companies can save the profit and solve Sustainable Development Goals for large sales and sustainable shipping in global trade if can they use better containers. Shipping companies and owners of cargo ships can not just make save of profit and also use eco friendly materials for business and stimulate better trade.

We can talk of exchange of your old containers for new Carbon Less Containers for some symbolic price or producing the new ones for successful shipping.

Please, contact Kazka Solutions for additional details. Technology and industrial idea use must be accepted by Kazka Solutions and Kazka Technologies directly.

Some basic details available on Kazka Solutions blog


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