Integrated Device for Producing Oil Alternatives from Wastes

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The present invention aims to achieve integration between four different devices for transformation of different types of wastes into different types of energy sources. Such integration is defined as the use of the exhaust and/or outputs of any device as an input of one or more device. But also, achieves the purification of both HMF (Oil alternative) and syngas by using natural matters. The first device is the electrical power generation by using engine as the prime mover. The second is the anaerobic digester for biogas production as endothermic process. The third is biomass gasification system for producing syngas, biodiesel, tar, char coal, and ash as exothermic process. The last one is the thermo chemical manipulation device for producing hydroxyl methyl furfural HMF as endothermic process.

Thus, such invention can be a combination of the four previous mentioned devices. So, the invention needs some sophisticated connections and control system of the whole four parts to ensure that the integration between them is accomplished. Therefore, the inputs of the first part as electrical power generator are air and fuel (biogas formed in the second part and/or percentage of the syngas produced by the third part). So, the outputs of such first part is electrical power as final product in addition to high temperature exhaust gases as source of heat and partially oxygenated gases to be input to the third part of this invention for achieving the gasification process.

In addition, the inputs of the second part of this invention as anaerobic digester are sewage wastes, heat (obtained from the syngas purification process), and anaerobic bacteria. Also, the outputs from this second part are biogas (used as fuel of the first part of the invention), and residuals as used biomass source of the third part of this invention).

So, the contributions to the third part of the device as gasification system are biomass (domestic disposals, residuals from the second part, and residuals from the fourth part), oxygenated gases, and heat source (both obtained from the high temperature exhaust gases of the first part). Moreover, the harvests of such third part are hot syngas (purified, and cooled during flow into the second, and fourth parts) and then transformed into biodiesel through the process of compression this syngas in the presence of catalyst, tar as the third product of this invention produced through cooling of the syngas, and char coal can be considered as the fourth product yielded from the gasification process as well as ash the fifth product.

And, the fourth part of the invention as the thermo chemical manipulation of the agricultural wastes device. It includes transforming the agricultural wastes as cellulosic matter into glucose in the presence of acid, and heat (obtained from the third part during the cooling of syngas). Then, treatment of such glucose into fructose then into hydroxy methyl furfural HMF (Oil alternative) as the sixth product of this invention takes place; wherever its input is heat (obtained during syngas cooling).



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