Air Pollution Control

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State regulations require that floating roof tanks control emissions when they are cleaned. My company developed a method to control emissions and recover the gases back to liquid for recycling.

The system makes zero pollution and recovers by condensing the gases.

Alternative systems burn the gases and make huge amounts of CO2 and other products of combustion (smog) which is released at ground level.

We have recovered just about 1,4million pounds of condensate that could be recycled because it is pure cargo - similar to distilling whisky.

Our system works with gasoline tanks, chemical tanks and it can work on tanks that are nitrogen inerted. We can condense cargoes that cannot or should not be burned.

We do not have an exhaust stack. So we make Zero pollution.

We do not have any unprotected source of ignition. So we are safer in tank farms and chemical plants.

Our energy source is nitrogen. Nitrogen is not a pollutant, in fact nitrogen is about 79% of the air we breathe.

We designed and built the only mobile systems of this type in Houston TX. No other units can match our performance or our capabilities. We sold 1 unit to a refinery in Taiwan and we currently have a unit in The Netherlands.

We work out of our base in Houston TX and we work at refineries, barges, ships and tank farms.

Cargoes that we have controlled: perchloroethylene, ethylene dichloride, gasoline, chloroform and many others.


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    Hank Hilliard
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    Long history of tank degassing and vapor control / pollution control.
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