Inorganic Catalyst Support Material

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I have developed a micro corrugated structure, which is armed by a special fiberglass paper, joined by chemical processes, which give flexibility in terms of shape. Formed material is processed with different chemical reagents making the final product (photo_1). The final product is a carrier material for catalysts, having the following characteristics. An internal active area of ??about 500 square meters per gram of material, a height of 1.5 to 2.0 millimeters channels. A temperature resistance above 700 ° C. Being developed in the manner described above, the material has parallel channels, without distortion, different as those generated by extrusion, this allows that the material having a low pressure drop. The material may be impregnated with various inorganic metal solutions, which are inserted in the internal porosity of the material, after which the material is processed reducing the impregnation to corresponding metal or metal oxide (photo_2). Impregnated with a copper inorganic salt reduced to copper oxide. The prototypes are developed, I will seek to patent and seek investors for scaling. Application areas: catalytic processes, cleaning and abatement of volatile organic compounds (VOC), water cleaning.


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