Hydrogen Separator

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Transportation is one of the basic needs of human life. Most of our transportation is dependent on automobiles powered by fossil fuels. But the fossil fuels are being depleted and emissions from automobiles are causing environmental issues like greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid rain and pollution. There are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCVs) which can only run up to a certain distance and should be refilled with the fuel again. Hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally on Earth and thus it is not an energy source but it is an energy carrier. Here, we use hydrogen as an additive fuel for diesel engines. Since hydrogen can be only used in compression ignition engines, they are fueled with diesel. Hydrogen can be produced by various methods but one of the easiest method is electrolysis. Passing current to water (electrolyte) via suitable electrodes can separate water (H2O) molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen can be fueled with diesel.

The purpose of hydrogen is to increase the combustion rate and to reduce the lean burn since the auto-ignition temperature is 500(degree) Celsius and its calorific value is about 1,65,000 kJ/kg this will reduce the emission such as NOx , particulate matters and so on and the purpose of oxygen is to increase and stabilize the combustion. The electrolyte used here is water subsidiary and we dissolve a predominant material in water which acts as a key role for separation of hydrogen and oxygen from water. The outcome will be of water vapor, CO2 and so on with complete combustion. The purpose of hydrogen generator is to function with instantaneously produced hydrogen and can enhance the efficiency of a vehicle in such a way that increasing the brake thermal efficiency and indicted thermal efficiency. This Hydrogen separator can be installed in any type of diesel utilising vehicles.


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