Resource Planning System: Development Of Forecasting Simulation And Warning System

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Product design idea

Universal plan for development of global strategic plan for each country development research is a need. To achieve the real situation it should be controlled, monitored and acted upon. With ERP, MRP we consider to middle level in enterprise level. But this is contracted and expanded to develop more with this concept. What if we consider the micro level. When we are shrinking the systems more ideal theories apply. Materials behave as theoretical values. So these systems needs a different concept. Possible explanation is atom velocity is not affected by air resistances. On the other hand we expand the resource control to the universal level. In future macro resource planning system will come to role. Probably this will look of beyond the exploration of another universes. As an example sunlight is spread all over the universe. This is the need of the systems definition of macro. Everything we find has relativity. So, we need to consider the theories to define the levels.


With the existing systems this can integrated in an adaptive way. This can be used for extreme conditions. It can produce hardware or software.


Engineering with the data management and artificial network can be used with DFX. X can be safety, manufacturing, sustainability or any other function.


In practice MIS is required. Market research is one way to find the target market. These kind of systems are really helpful to space exploring centers, global institutions, governments, and universal or global leaders and also industries to individuals etc. Primary or/and secondary information use for research. Fundamentals in marketing practice can be used. It should be provided augmented product. Consumer or business services are implemented. Product life cycle is developed by new functions and methods introduction.


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