Fire Mash: A Nanotechnology Solution to Forest Fires with Fast Ecological Restoration of Affected Areas

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Forest fires in rural areas and semi-urban surroundings present a significant challenge to the departments of forestry, fire protection and wildland fire-control services in many parts of the world, with Ontario-Canada being the latest example in this regard. Not only does the massive extinguishing effort require novel solutions to enhance the efficiency of the fire suppression, isolation, blanketing and cooling operations, it also necessitates wise environmental strategies for the aftermath of the fire, to ensure rapid restoration of affected areas in an ecologically sound way. Our invention, the Fire Mash, emerges as a proven nanotechnology solution with rapid fire suppression, complete extinguishing (i.e. no slow fires where the partial burning process continues for weeks in many cases) and a fast ecological restoration effect in wildlands devastated by forest fires owing to its forest soil compatible 'green' formulation promoting reclamation by the nature.

The present invention relates to a burn-proof and smothering fire mash and its production ways. The fire mash can be used for forest fires on hills, nappes, cliffs, flat lands and various geological formations with vegetation as well as against industrial fires with the blazes of solid, liquid, gas and flammable light metals, allowing the surface in direct contact with the flame front to be protected against the flame by hanging on vertical surfaces and quenching the immediate surrounding. The fire mash ends the fire by effectively eliminating both the chemical reaction and oxygen delivery during the blaze, further having the features of trimming the air penetration at the boundary of the fire's transfer surface onto the burning material, diminishing the oxygen value to 8% on the contact surface to deplete the reaction rate and keeping the same at 15% on the back of the contact surface as well as covering/smothering fire so that an intact barrier could be formed in the proximity of the fire, thus enabling rescue operations of firefighters.

Fire mash technology consists of recyclable ultra-fine grade fiber containing lignocellulosic pulp extracted from Finnish and Estonian trees with sustainable and eco-friendly tree farming practices as defined by the European Union MO. 37/2003 (OJ no. 247/10.04.2003) as the main raw material. Other components of this novel technology include water, boric acid, caustic, glycerol, carbonate and a specially formulated fire retardant and oxidation suppressant proprietary nanotechnology product and lastly a scalable continuous multiple input single output (MISO) reactor to synthesize the end product.


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