Dustbin to Sustainable Techbox

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In day to day life people on Earth produce tons of waste. This study is all about converting this waste into some useful things. In this study plastic waste must be segregated by people and a separate dustbin is required for same. The dustbin is attached with solar heating system in order to transform plastic waste into steam and one condenser is attached to the dustbin to condense output steam from plastic waste dustbin and convert solid waste steam into a liquid state. Now this liquid state of plastic waste can be used as a blend in petroleum products in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Also it can be used as aggregate in construction of roads, building etc. This idea is easy to implement and easy to understand by all categories of people and it can be manufactured within $20. It is not a big change in available things but it can create a big effect in terms of green house effect by reducing environmental pollution produced from combustion of day to day waste and it is easy to install in homes, shops, offices, universities, colleges, etc. It will reduce municipality cleaning services overall cost by means of man power requirement cost & time require for same and if it implemented in global manner then it will affect countries' EPI (Environment Performance Index). A word tech means a lot in terms of having display & control of temperature of heating coil means one can increase or decrease temperature as per requirement for the combustion of different categories of plastics. Also display is attached to show how much amount of plastic fuel is collected and weather it is toxic or not. Also this dustbin is available with adjustable tray in order to remove carbon opposites produce after combustion.

At the end of the study one can conclude the effect of this liquid fuel produced from plastic waste on I.C. Engine performance in terms of indicated thermal efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, and volumetric efficiency in Otto and diesel vehicles and on bricks properties. Tech box has two partitions in order to store low density plastic in upper partition and high density plastic in downward partition because low density plastic require less amount of heat to transform into steam. Also it is attached with alarm facility so that it can sense the amount of steam produce and directly cut supply when dustbin waste fully converted into steam and remaining energy can be stored in battery as additional electrical energy. Also separate plug in for electrical supply is provided to overcome the difficulty when solar panel is not able to work due to environmental conditions. So it can be used in all weather conditions. In up gradation dustbin can be used as speaker/Doorbell/Anti thief alarm and touch screen can be attached instead of ordinary metal surface so every one like to use dustbin with multiple functions no separate TV and speaker required in house for entertainment or door camera.


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