Energy Generation from Commercial Vehicles

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The idea and concept of generating electric power from commercial vehicles is to maximize the use of renewable sources and to minimize our dependency on fossil fuels. The visualization of this idea is to mount wind turbines tunnels on top of commercial vehicles (buses/trains ) to generate large amount of electricity. Wind farms require a large space which is not available everywhere and require huge investment of time and money, while turbines on commercial vehicles require only a little space and money and are easy to manufacture as compared to large wind farms.

Wind turbines are designed to work over a range wind speeds. This advantage of wind turbines should be used to maximize the energy generation.

The survival speed of commercial wind turbines is in the range of 40 m/s(144 km/h, 89 MPH) to 72 m/s (259 km/h, 161 MPH). So wind flowing over trains and buses must be utilized for power generation.

If the turbines are mounted on consecutive coaches of trains a large of amount power can be produced. It can also be used in electric vehicles to increase the range of the vehicle and reduce the charging time or battery can be directly charged from turbines

Mounting will consist of a small tunnel over the vehicle to direct the flow of wind towards the turbine.


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    I am inspired by Sir Nicolas Tesla and his Vision of wireless energy transmission .
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