Energy Creation And Water Crisis Problem Solution From Bio-toilet Of Train

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Now all over the world, the water crisis is a big problem for us .After treatment, use of waste water is necessary. If we can re-use the waste water of toilet of train, so it will be truly conservation of water.

At first, it is needed to install a bio-toilet on the train. It is better, if the commode/pan is urine separated system. I suggest to install bio-digester tank at inside of pantry car, because the tank to be installed from some height of floor level, i.e. tank’s top level will stay just bellow pan/commode level and tank’s top label can use as platform. Separate motor pump of ¼ H.P. which will be automatic off-on system, to be fitted with every water reserver (behind pan/commode).

All excreta of a train will be stored at bio-digester tank’s first chamber which is contains with bacteria-inoculums. At this chamber excreta will broken to water and mithen gas. At last part of digester tank, water will be filtered and this water can use for cleaning pan/commode. Urine will be stored at separated tank and the tank to be empty from time to time, Bio-digester tank also to be wash from time to time for clearing of sediment.

The mithen gas will be stored at a tank and from this gas electric will be produce by bio-gas generator and the electric can use to operate induction cooker of pantry car or various purpose. Thus this system saves water with production of unconventional energy.


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