Eco-Friendly Sanitary System for Railways

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The direct discharge of sewage from trains on railway tracks and platform lead to many harmful effects which are resulting in unhygienic conditions that may also cause spread of diseases, corrosion of tracks, unclean environment to its surrounding. The technology to dispose the human waste hasn’t been discovered by any of the country at present time. So it is globally spread problem.

First, we collect all the sewage from different coaches by the help of a system to a last coach. In the coach we do treatment of liquid waste So that it is made up to stand which can be reused again and we collect solid waste in storing tank. The solid material is then transported from station to plant when train stop at a particular station.

By the help of this approach we are allowed to collect all the sewage and prevent it from spreading on tracks as well as use that sewage to produce methane as major product and some by-products which will be useful. The production of these products are at bulky quantity which can full fill the requirement of all the surrounding area on large scale such as energy requirement. It also help us to save water by recycling it again. Also, prevent environment from polluting.

Because the production of methane is from human waste which we use as raw-material which we get totally free. So, the charges are applied towards only on installment of this system and managing it. It is a close loop from which we can create a large amount of energy with nearly no cost at international level. This solid waste in near future known as the name of Brown Gold.


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    Hemendra Bamnawat
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    I got the inspiration from the platform. In the whole world where ever we go most of the platform tracks are dirty, have bad odor, and other hazard effects. So, as a Engineer and a student Its my duty to solve this problem and make use of it in such a manner that which help society in economical and every way.
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