Power Generation Through Traffic On Highways And Subway Trains

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Power generation by renewable energy sources and using the existing mechanisms is important for saving fossil fuels for future generations. Our team came up with an idea of using the mechanical energy from subway trains to generate more power and connect to storage batteries.

Subway trains move at a faster pace between stations. So, our idea is to build some sections of the rails between stations with rotating rollers. When the train passes on these rollers, it gives rotary motion to these rollers assembled into the rails thereby rotating these rollers. These rotating rollers are connected at one end to the bearings thereby connected to armature mechanism to generate electromotive force (EMF) thus generating power (similar to a turbine). Since the trains continuously commute in the subways, generating power with less time intervals will be possible by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.

If the roller mechanism with bearings is properly designed for reliability, generation of power with this technique is a viable approach for future technologies.

Our team is also working on similar approach for automotive on the highways to come up with an idea of rotating a conveyor safely from fast moving traffic on speed ways. Some sections of the highway can be built with these conveyors which ultimately rotate the shafts of the rollers which are connected to the armature in the similar fashion.


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