Water & Electricity from Wind Energy

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Wind power has become an important source of renewable energy. We often hear and see many types of windmills where innovators are seeking to reach the highest possible efficiency and provide greater electrical energy.

But is it possible to produce water in addition to electric power by wind power? After a long search done as a result of brainstorming, we came to the idea of developing a vertical axis turbine air and add a certain kind of mesh that is able to collect water from fog and store it in a collection tank, in addition to the production of electricity.

Fog has the potential to provide an alternative source of fresh water in dry regions and can be harvested through the use of simple and low-cost collection systems. Captured water can then be used for agricultural irrigation and domestic use. Research suggests that fog collectors work best in locations with frequent fog periods, such as coastal areas where water can be harvested as fog moves inland driven by the wind. However, the technology could also potentially supply water in mountainous areas if the water is present in stratocumulus clouds, at altitudes of approximately 400 m to 1,200 m (UNEP, 1997b). According to the International Development Research Centre (1995), in addition to Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, the areas with the most potential to benefit include the Atlantic coast of southern Africa (Angola, Namibia), South Africa, Cape Verde, China, Eastern Yemen, Oman, Mexico, Kenya, and Sri Lanka.


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